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As a new, or even returning wrestling parent, you may have a number of questions or concerns heading into the year. This page should help alleviate some of those issues and anxieties. Please read this guide completely and then also click on the links at the end of this page to learn how best to be a successful wrestling parent.
Who We Are, Why we are here, and what we expect from your child: Springfield Wrestling has a rich history of almost 60 years of excellence.  Our program is based on a rich tradition, knowledge of what we need to do for success now, and an eye on the future. We believe in helping kids grow to demonstrate strength in body, mind, and character. These foundational elements are ones that begin the first day they step on a mat at Springfield through their last day of High School and beyond. Our High School Wrestlers are expected t embody the tradition of Strength (Strength of Character) Honor (To have Honor and respect in the face of adversity) and Sacrifice (Giving of yourself for the betterment of teammates, family, and community). Your child will also be expected to learn and foster these ideals. Your children’s coaches will work tirelessly to provide success to your child both on and off the mat. We expect your child to be respectful and a good listener, as we all work together towards these common goals.

What We Expect from You: We want you to be a supportive and positive influence on your own wrestler, and to others in the program. Everyone’s goal in our program, from volunteer, to coach, to parent, should be to foster a love for the sport of wrestling while making sure that the message delivered and received is consistent and positive.

Let the Coaches coach and avoid offering your child potentially conflicting information. If you would like to be a coach, we will assist you in becoming a coach with USA Wrestling membership, go through a background check and learn how to coach all of our kids through our process. If you are not willing to do that, then you should simply remain in the Parent role and be supportive and positive. Beyond that, always remember that you represent Springfield Wrestling when you go to Tournaments. As an organization we will not tolerate embarrassing behavior. Just wait, after your first year, I will bet that you begin thinking ‘not these parents again’ when you go to Tournaments. We don’t want to be ‘those parents’ and/or end up being stigmatized as a group. We strive to be a first-class organization and we expect you to represent us as such. These are children competing in a sport. Don’t embarrass yourself and keep all of this in perspective. If a Coach ever tells you to leave mat side during a match, it would be in your best interest to do so.
Calendar: You will want to review the Calendar for upcoming Events. When you view the Calendar, all Youth Events are noted with the word Youth, will be in the color blue. These are the Events that concern you. You should review this Calendar frequently as Tournaments are being added as they are announced.

Reminders: We will be developing an email distribution list and text list through our website. Details will follow at parent meetings/practices. We could use individuals willing to assist with send out reminders to volunteer for the position.

Practice Schedule/Practice Expectations: With regards to Practice, the time and location will never change unless we have set up a special practice with another club. This will be noted on the calendar, noted above. Please also note that since we practice at the High School, if school is cancelled, practice is cancelled. No exceptions. Parents are expected to remain on the new rubber flooring area during practices and not enter the mat area unless they are a designated coach or have been called onto the mat by a certified coach. This is both an insurance concern and a to ensure our mats stay in good shape and clean for your kids.
Tournament Schedule: When you click on a Tournament in the Calendar, you will see which Club members should consider going to each Tournament. As a new Club member, you will be looking at attending mostly Rookie/Novice Tournaments. All wrestlers will compete in our Springfield Biddy Tournament held near the end of the wrestling season in February.

Volunteering and Parent Participation: Youth Parents are expected to volunteer to assist with Middle School and/or our Hoover Invitational (High School). Sign-up sheets and volunteer positions will be online early (at registration) and positions will be first come first serve. Middle School and High School parents will be expected to assist with the biddy tournament to free you to cheer for your child without having to worry about volunteer activities. (As it is a major fundraiser for the club, if volunteers are needed, you may still may need to volunteer) In those circumstances, we will do everything in our power to ensure you get to see your child wrestle at this tourney each and every time.

Gear: We do not require members to purchase a singlet. Members are welcome to wrestle in shorts and a tight-fitting shirt. We will be investigating, as part of fundraising activities getting team singlets, and or shirt/short combos based on sales, or meeting fundraising goals. Another way to teach kids what they can earn from hard work. (Make sure they do the work!). More details will be provided as we discuss fundraising activities in parent meetings. The one ‘must have’ would be shoes. We do have some available on a first-come, first-serve basis (with the understanding that you will return them at the conclusion of the season). Outside of shoes, headgear and/or mouth guards are optional.

Cleanliness: Obviously this is a MAJOR concern. It really does only take one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch. Please give your child frequent skin checks and make sure they are showering immediately after every practice. They should be using an anti-bacterial soap and the active ingredient we recommend is Triclosan. Some popular choices for soap are Hibiclens and Defense Soap. With regards to gear, shoes and head gear or knee pads should be thrown in the washer at least once every 2 weeks.
Being a Successful Wrestling Parent : What Parents of Successful Wrestlers Do ( 
                      Patterns of Successful Wrestling Parents (


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